Watermarker is a professional utility for branding images with unique watermarks. It has an intuitive interface and a variety of watermark types for custom results.

You can drag in a group of images, set your watermarks and drag out branded versions in only a few clicks. Save your watermarks into presets so you can repeat the process even faster in the future.

Get Started

You will have a default preset ready to be customized with your watermarks when you start Watermarker for the first time.

Simply drag an image or a folder of images into the app to begin. Click on the corresponding watermark button to add a watermark. Click on the image to finish inserting the watermark. Available watermarks include:

Each watermark type has more advanced settings that will appear to the left of the image being edited but only when that watermark is selected.

Once you have customized your watermarks and are ready to save your images, click the Save button in the toolbar and choose an output directory.

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