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Designed for OS X 10.11

All New Features

Watermarker Has Been Redesigned to Be Faster and More Powerful.

New Watermarks

Now with a wide range of customizable watermarks that will make your photographs truly unique.
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Action Extension

Watermark photographs directly from other apps that support Extensions like Apple's Mail.app.

Redesigned UI

The sleek new dark UI is streamlined for a more productive watermarking experience with great additions like thumbnail previews.


Watermarker 2 supports AppleScript and allows users to extend functionality to third-party apps like Alfred.

Pixellate. Shapes. Dynamic Text.

The release of Watermarker 2 brings with it all new watermarks. Vector shapes like squares, circles, and arrows are a great addition when annotating images. The pixellate watermark is an awesome new feature for securing sensitive portions of images with a simple click of a mouse.

  • Vector Shapes - Squares, Circles and Arrows
  • Pixellate or Blur - Redact private portions of images
  • Plus the Originals - Image, Text, and Strikethrough

Watermark Effortlessly

No stone was left unturned when it came to overhauling the original Watermaker. It was necessary to completely re-write Watermarker from the ground up using the latest OS X 10.10 technologies to accomplish the ambitious feature set of v2.

Thanks to these new technologies, not only is Watermarker fundamentally faster but it also has exciting new features like the Photo Editing extension that allows you to watermark images from other apps like Mail.app.

  • Dynamic Text - Adjust font size by dragging from the corner.
  • Rename Patterns - Batch rename while saving images.
  • New Resize Settings - Pixel or Percent Constraints.

Check out the video

Still not convinced? See it in action! This is just a small glimpse in to the powerful features that are packed in to Watermarker 2.

Whether you are a photographer looking to quickly watermark a large proof set or you simply need to quickly markup and share a screenshot, Watermarker 2 is the app to use.


Check out All the New Features in Watermaker 2

Watermarker 2

Designed for OS X 10.11

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