What's in Thumbtack 2

Re-written from the ground up for OS X Yosemite and later.

Unique Experience

Search all of your items with a simple keystroke or scroll as far back as you need.

Native Integrations

Thumbtack 2 has beautiful native integration with OS X Spotlight search.

Easy to Extend

AppleScript support in Thumbtack 2 easily extends to awesome third party apps like Alfred.

Quicklook Websites

Simply hover over a bookmark and hit the spacebar to preview a website without leaving Thumbtack.


Check out these lovely new features in action

A Fast, Powerful & Clean Pinboard client, what are you waiting for?

New Features

There are so many great new features to explore

Search Everything

Thumbtack is no longer limited to your most recent Pinboard items. Search your entire pinboard account right from the menu bar.

Spotlight Integration

Thumbtack 2 has beautiful native integration with OS X Spotlight. Search and preview all of your pinboard items right from Spotlight.

Share Extension

Now you can add URLs from Safari or any other app that implements a native Apple share sheet.

System-wide Service

From any app, you can add a URL to Thumbtack by simply right-clicking on it and selecting the new system-wide service.


Extend Thumbtack even further with AppleScript. Automate tasks like adding and remove items from great third-party apps like Alfred.

Other User Requests

Thumbtack 2 implements so many other user requested features like global hotkeys, tags, and post deletion capabilities.

What our users say

  • "Thumbtack, a menu bar utility that gives quick access to your Pinboard account. Slick."

    - David Sparks, MacSparky.com

  • "Thumbtack is beautifully made. It’s a tiny application in many respects, making very few demands on your system or on your screen’s precious pixels."

    - Giles Turnbull, Cult of Mac

  • "Fast and Responsive app. If you use Pinboard, then this is a must have."

    - 1986, Mac App Store Reviewer

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